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Not going to lie, I was expecting that to be boring. And honestly, a couple parts of it were. But overall, it’s actually pretty cool. 

This website is basically an interactive textbook for learning coding. It encompasses everything from HTML, to JavaScript, to Python, to several computer languages I’ve completely never heard of. And it’s so incredibly straightforward and easy. I just learned more about HTML in the past two hours than I believed was possible. And I got to look at pictures of puppies. 



Above is one of the pages I created. 

I know, I know, super basic looking. Nothing fancy or impressive. But after only two hours I now know the basics of HTML; including how to make tables, change font-styles, colors, backgrounds, and font-sizes, create ordered and un-ordered lists, create links, insert images, and create links out of image URL’s.



Above is a screen shot with a few examples of un-ordered lists and tables. 

And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. Plus I’m only 41% of the way through the tutorial, which means there’s a ton more for me still to pick up. 

This really is stuff we all should know, regardless of what career path you’re on. Being able to create your own website can be immensely helpful in any field. Not to mention the fact that according to Greg Whitscarver, “The number of open coding jobs [is] greater than the number of unemployed…”. When you think about the pay grade and other crazy benefits that can potentially come with jobs like these, it’s surprising that there are more available jobs than there are applicants. Especially when you consider that your office could look like this…

According to Ashlee Vance, if you’re a good programmer in an area like Silicon Valley, “You get fat paychecks, people bring you free gourmet food, drivers shuttle you around town. Not to mention that there’s so much demand for good coders that free-lance programmers are beginning to work through agents. Just like Hollywood. 

Sounds like the life, right?




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