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Inbound Marketing: How to Feed the Funnel

Today’s consumers have a virtually limitless number of options to choose from; and all of them are right under their fingertips, just a click away.


The trick, lies in getting them to click on you.

This is where inbound marketing comes in. Consumers are changing. An ever increasing numbers of buyers are going online to find the products and services they require; which is beginning to render traditional, outbound marketing techniques less and less effective. And companies are beginning to realize this. A quote from Never Mind Marketing’s website reads: “Forget about getting in your customer’s face where they are not looking for you,…instead, focus on getting found where they are already looking.” Through constant improvements in digital analytical tools such as Google Analytics, it is becoming easier to realize this statement.

Pinpointing where your online traffic is coming from allows you to optimize the way you reach out to potential customers. This is where SEM and social media come in/together. “The higher your content and site ranks in a search engine’s results list, the more likely someone will find and click on the link to your content”(you can find this article here). Basically you want your site to have great SEM to draw in as many leads as possible. Then you want your site to have good, applicable content to keep your leads interested and guide them through the sales funnel. If everything with their purchase goes smoothly, they will hopefully spread word about your company all over the internet via social media, which will in turn lead to more leads, and more sales.

Sounds simple right? In some ways it is. Following the basic steps outlined in handbooks such as this one gives you a good start, but keep in mind that you want to avoid a few pitfalls.

Some “Do’s and Don’ts”:

1. Don’t flood your website with keywords that are unnecessary or unrelated- bringing in lots of hits from search engines won’t help you if none of those leads are interested in what your website actually has to offer. Nor will it translate to follow through down the sales funnel.

2. Do know your customer- you want your website to offer engaging and valuable information to your potential buyers. To do this, you need to understand your   customers’ interests and pains.

3. Don’t measure the success of an alleyway via the number of leads it produces- if you’re   getting tons of hits on your website via Twitter mentions or a Facebook link, that’s awesome. But it doesn’t mean that those leads are translating into sales. Keep track of how many of those leads led to purchases, because that’s where the money lies.

And that’s all for this time…let me know what you think!


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